We love living “behind the Redwood Curtain,”

but the fact is, we also love to come and go and we like others to come and go too. We don’t have many options with only one airline providing service. Tickets are expensive and provide few destinations.

Good Air Service Helps Us All

How?  Check out some of the benefits of a vibrant airport!

Together, we can make it even better!

Because of the high demand of people wanting to fly in and out of Humboldt, Fly Humboldt is close to providing a minimum revenue guarantee to encourage a new destination from our airport.

How this works:

A minimum revenue guarantee is money a community commits to an airline up front in return for the airline bringing in new routes and flights. The guarantee is based on the revenue an airline must earn to make the route(s) viable and makes up the difference.

100% of the money donated goes to the revenue guarantee.


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Time Until Launch!